India of my dreams

I grew up in the no-plastic era! We used cloth, bags, glass jars, copper tins and recycled newspapers to wrap and store groceries. in ITrust me. ITs’ true.! I remember buying yogurt in a steel container I took with me from home and, ghee and oil in glass jars, Wheat flour and masalas was ground fresh at a local grinding place and we carried the grain in jute sacks and the flour , in aluminium tins. All vegetables were bought and carried home in cloth bags .. The list goes on and on.. There was little or no plastic!!!!
So today when I see a sea of plastic around me, I cringe! I want to go back to those good old days — or, honestly, the more progressive days. Life was simple and shopping was a joy. Today every aisle I step into , I see plastic everywhere! I dream … of that day when we will go back to those wonderful days of childhood when packaging wasn’t the demon it is today, destroying the planet in the name of convenience and marketing. That is the Indian of my dreams I so desperately want to go back. to it  

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