Respect – the Indian take

Respecting elders- the indian take

As parents, one of the key values we try to inculcate in our kids is the value of respect. Growing up, respect, particularly for elders was emphasised the most! Of course, all of us agree that we should respect everyone regardless of their age. And so as I child I often questioned why elders only? But as I became a mom, I began to realise that what why respect to elders was important. Once there is respect, obedience follows much easily. And I think to raise good kids, a certain amount of obedience is needed. When we says we should respect all and make the relationship between parents and the siblings a lot more equal or democratic , if you will, obedience becomes a lot more challenging. While we need to teach our kids to think for themselves and question everything, we also need to teach them that there is a time and place and manner for everything. There are times when they need to simply obey — no questions asked in the moment! if they do have any, they should ask them at a different time and of course,, with a lot of respect!! And respect in that sense truly meant, one way obedience ! Looked in this light, the value of respect to elders makes a lot of sense!

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