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Desi Mandi: Where Flavors and Community Intersect

In the bustling world of desi markets, Desi Mandi stands out as a beacon of vibrant flavors and community spirit. With its eye-catching red flyer promising ‘Taste the Traditions,’ the store has managed to pique the interest and entice patrons with its unique offering.

Free Food Tasting: A Marketing Masterstroke and a Generous Giveback

“Taste the Traditions” is a free food tasting event the store has organized this Saturday, right outside their store in Burlington. Breaking away from the conventions of traditional store promotions, the owners realized that offering a complimentary culinary experience would be a powerful way to connect with customers. Desi Mandi will offer a free thali and free food tasting of some popular brands like Brar’s, Nanak, Mother’s Magic and Telegu Foods,”  The result? A steady stream of visitors eager to sample the store’s diverse range of products.

A Seasoned Entrepreneur with a Heart of Gold

Behind the success of Desi Mandi lies Sara, a seasoned business woman who believes in creative marketing and the importance of giving back to the community. Sara and Raj, her husband, the sole owners of this store have decades of business experience in the US and Canada. The couple is from Hyderabad India and are driven by the traditional Indian values of respect and giving back.

“The key values that guide everything we do are give respect, take respect, be kind and always give,” quips Sara.

A Melting Pot of Diverse Brands and Price Points

“We wanted to create a store that catered to the needs of all South Asians under one roof,’ explains Sara. Desi Mandi’s shelves are stocked with an array of brands from across the Indian subcontinent. From traditional spices to gourmet snacks, customers can find everything they crave without the need to visit multiple stores. Additionally, the wide range of brands ensures that there is something to suit every budget.

Exceptional Customer Service: The Hallmark of Desi Mandi

Service is paramount at Desi Mandi. Every customer is greeted with a warm ‘hello’ and staff members go the extra mile to assist in finding specific products. ‘We want to ensure that every shopper has a positive experience,’ says Sara.

Expansion Plans and a Commitment to the Community

Four years after opening their successful store in Burlington, the Desi Mandi team is looking to expand their operations into Oakville. ‘We’re just not getting the size we’re looking for,’ Sarah admits. However, their determination to provide the community with a one-stop shopping destination remains unwavering.

Digital Marketing Savviness: Engaging Customers Online

In addition to their exceptional in-store experience, Desi Mandi has also embraced digital marketing. Sara regularly posts flyers featuring weekly deals and special events tied to South Asian festivals. The store’s outreach via Whatsapp and other social platform helps keep customers informed and engaged, building a strong sense of community. “While I am the face of the brand, I have an excellent marketing team in India that creates weekly flyers for us.”
These flyers are not the standard “deals this week” flyers. They are centered around community needs, carefully curated around the events and festivals that are an integral part of the lives of the Indian Diaspora.

A place where flavors intertwine with festivals

Desi Mandi is more than just a grocery store; it is a place where flavors dance, community flourishes, and the values of entrepreneurship and giving back intertwine. Through their free food tasting events, diverse product offerings, exceptional customer service, and digital marketing savvy, the owners have created a thriving business that has become an integral part of the South Asian community. As they look to expand, Desi Mandi is poised to continue connecting and delighting their customers.

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