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The Blooming Lotus —  the missing goldmine

On  the long , arduous journey to success,  a little inspiration goes a long way.  Role models are indispensable, in many ways. They strengthen self-belief, boost confidence and fill you with hope when the going gets tough. More so, when they are from the same background as yours. Knowing that someone like you has already achieved the goal you are pursuing, is incredibly inspiring.

I recently began a search for role models in the Indian community — people who are successful and are leading a purpose-driven life. I found some stories of success, here and there, sometimes, half told and often, sporadic. I occasionally found a well-written, in-depth piece in a newspaper and was awed by what I consumed! And then, I’d land on another one, a few months, or sometimes, years later.

Some award ceremonies were great places to find achievers. They presented  positive, uplifting stories that were very inspiring. They did what they do best. But I was often left asking.for more. I wanted to know more about the struggles and challenges the winners faced on their journey to success. Some magazines did a decent job of covering success stories .For me, they were a treasure house of real success.

There was n’t, however, one centralised place where all the success stories could be found. Worse, a lot of my friends who were living here for many years, had not heard about them. This told me that there was a need to make this information available in a centralised place and more importantly, make it visible to the community.

In this day and age of hyper-connectivity, there still was a community that was disconnected, a community of Indians who were all-rounded, purpose-driven and ready to inspire others.

As 2020 rolled around, I dove deep into online research. I scoured magazines. websites of organisations that give awards and every YouTube channel I could lay my eyes on. Some friends from the media also  helped reach professional super achievers

Thus was born the idea of a book — a coffee table book, a pocket book as well as an ebook that would feature and celebrate the success of women superachievers and givers. To me and many like me, it would be a goldmine of information, knowledge and wisdom that could be life-changing!

Why the name Blooming Lotus?

Success is about planning, disciplined action and a whole lot of good energy. But most of all, it is about grit and determination that helps one overcome all obstacles.

A lotus blooms in a dirty pond with all its elegance and pristine glory. Despite all the filth around it, its is clean, pure, exuding its beauty to everyone around.

Just like the lotus, superachievers find a way to stay above challenges they face and emerge successful no matter where they are. The book is a narrative of how they achieve this. We dig deeper into the psyche, habits, personalities of the women we feature. So anyone who wants to follow their footsteps, can learn, get inspired and when possible, even emulate their success. They can access this vast ocean of wisdom and inspiration whenever they need it as it’s now on their phone or on their coffee tables!!

Social Enterprise

The Blooming Lotus is an initiative of The Inspired Indian, which is a social enterprise. A part of the proceeds of the gala and the book will be donated to educating downtrodden kids in India and Canada.

I truly believe in the adage , “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” Education is a great equaliser. I believe in a few charities who do this job well and we will announce their names soon


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